Tearz Sakai
Dylan and his faces
um yeah
he wanted to try face mask like us
sweet fishy going to get eaten
Kento's prized fish
Emi and Ami made lots of briads
bow man
mommy do I hav to keep walking
I made chocolate sauce for pancake and this is what happens
Emi chan
outside onsen
Derek was really excited
they just love each other tooo much
scared Leina
a gun hanabi
happy Chum
sweet Baba
the happy married couple
Jesse and Mika
girls night out
At Mika's place Honky Tonk
This is what happens when ur in a car tooo long
Derek and Bella
I like Totoro;) don't ask what the boys are doing
trying to get a family shot
take two
mmmmmmmmmm home made jam
big brother
the three goof balls
water pump
sweet Shun came with us
two little monkeys
hiking day
so free
Derek checking mushrooms growing on horse poop

Tearz Sakai
big girls
we grew yummy goya
Dylan face is too good
silly girls
my beautiful moon flower
having that Aries connection
cool little boys

sweet girls
cute man
Emi and her jellys

my little rascals
Kento the big boy