Tearz Sakai
Such a pooch of a cutie fish

Kento,Shinobu,Chris and Derek
Dragon Seahorse
cutest fish ever
big guy
I love the puffer fish, it has the sweetest face
Dylan loved the sharks
the sweetest turtle
Penguin following his hand
Aunty Lily and Derek
kids enjoying tropical fish
Tearz Sakai
Ok this is my first post, I'm not much of a writer just a commenter heh. So I'll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy. Oh I want to thank Mika(my sis in law) who helped set me up. Thanks Mika you're the best.
Tearz Sakai
Four generations

Ofuro time

Biggest hamburgers ever

Hiking to see beautiful horses

Pink grasshopper

on the ferry

Maboru the cat
outside onsen