Tearz Sakai
Abner, Mike, and Danny
Dylan and Douglas in a cockpit

Kento, Leina and Jasmin kayaking

kids having a ride in the Gater
my Dan and Alisa' Dan out snorkeling at the corals

sugar cane

Tearz Sakai
I'm sorry everyone 4 the major delay we were in Okinawa for 3weeks and as soon as we came back we moved to a new house and putting my kids into school at the same time was just crazy : p I was crawling 2 my bed every night. That's my excuses ; ) heheheheh! really sorry guys and gals!
Tearz Sakai

Shell Gallery
Pine apple plantation. See the tiny baby pines
Manta Ray
the biggest aquarium in Japan
I said "Derek look a big shark"
Derek says" no not shark, it's a monster !"

touch sea animals at the aquarium
Isn't it cute
Dolphin show
Derek licking up the cookie dough
dead snake and live star fish(about the size of a base ball glove) we found at the beach
kids having lots of fun

root beer float
Emi trying to teach him something he!
Mika and Jesse two lovers
me trying to be preeety

but to no success hahaha!
Dylan very happy boy
Ami snorkeling
Leina found a heart coral

Dragon fruit very yummy
Alisa and Dan sweetest couple

Amira and Akari