Tearz Sakai
Dan and Ali puppy Jiji (don't ask me why they named him that)
Amira b-day. guys this is a real Baskins Robins

three weirdos

Tearz Sakai
My little sister is going to have her baby any day now : ) I'm so excited, I don't know what to do : o I'm going to be an Aunt : ) I'm kinda going a little crazy right now I'm acting like it's my grand kid.Everyone please pray 4 her smooth delivery with no complications and a healthy baby.
Tearz Sakai
Amira having fun
Dylan loving it
Jasmine and Leina
Dylan and Amira
Pooch and me
cuty puppy
Lee's work of art

Thats my Dan
beautiful Ali
aren't they sweet
Cool jelly fish
over view of aquarium
dolphin show
dolphins are so beautiful

beautiful creatures
Derek's latest pose
dragon fruit
Awesome pizza
I love original works of art
Alisa and Emi having a stand off
yummy burger
Amira's birthday outing

guy doing flips